2020 Goal: Reduce the use of gasoline and diesel as motor fuels by 20%.

Our Mission

The Transportation team engages transportation planners, public transit systems, bicycle advocates, public health experts, electric car makers, and civic organizations to promote the use of public transit, make our region more bike friendly and encourage alternative modes of transportation.

Join Us

Next Meeting:

Thursday, April 19, 1:30-3:00 PM
Location: Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, 3 E 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you have information you or your group would like to share with the Transportation Action Team, please contact Travis Miller  or Frank Busofsky about future meeting agendas.

Our Action Team Chairs

Contact the Co-Chairs if you would like info on this Action Team:

Travis Miller, OKI

Frank Busofsky, TANK

More Resources

Transit-friendly Destinations

A Transit Friendly Destination is a corporation, organization, institution, association, government agency, park or non-profit that actively promotes transit ridership for employees, customers and guests. A Transit Friendly Destination practices social responsibility by integrating transit into the organization’s culture. 

Click here for more information.

Idle-Free Zones

The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency offers “Idle-Free Zone” signs to southwest Ohio schools and communities in an effort to promote cleaner, healthier air by encouraging drivers to turn the key and be idle free. These 12” by 18” metal signs, along with the six-foot aluminum posts, are provided free of charge to schools, day cares, libraries, parks, recreation centers, communities and businesses. For more information or to request Idle Free signs, please contact Joy Landry at 513-946-7754 or joy.landry@hamilton-co.org.

Metro's Guide to Green Fun

Check out Cincinnati Metro's Bus Routes that will help you get Outdoors to the Cincinnati Parks, the Great Parks of Hamilton County, and the Cincinnati Rec Centers!

For more info on how you can be car-free using Metro, click here. (See what apps to use, learn about the benefits of riding, Metro's partnership with Uber, fares, communities served and routes, transit benefit plans, and get a quick guide to using the Cincinnati Bell Connector).

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