Burnet Woods

Hamilton County, Ohio

An Urban Woodland Oasis

This 90-acre wooded oasis in the center of Cincinnati is one of the city’s oldest and largest parks. It attracts a large variety of nesting, migrant, and winter birds. The abundance of wildlife in the park’s woodlands and meadows has earned national designation as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area.

Protected by Cincinnati Parks

The city leased the original 170-acre park in 1872 and purchased it nine years later. An artificial lake was constructed in 1875. Subsequent acquisitions, less large transfers to the University of Cincinnati, have resulted in its present area. The park’s name honors Jacob Burnet, Cincinnati mayor and father of landowner Robert Burnet.

The urban location of this greenspace has attracted recent proposals for a library, a restaurant, and an arts center. The Cincinnati Park Board has resisted these proposals. The conservation organization Preserve Burnet Woods works to conserve the park’s natural elements.

For information on volunteering and contributing, see http://www.cincinnatiparks.com/support-us/friend-of-parks and https://preserveburnetwoods.org/about-pbw/.

How to Find Burnet Woods

Park entrances are located on Martin Luther King Drive, Bishop Street, and Jefferson, Ludlow, and Clifton Avenues.

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