Transit of Mercury

  • November 11, 2019
  • 7:35 AM - 1:04 PM
  • Cincinnati Observatory

At the Cincinnati Observatory

Monday November 11 from 7:35am-1:04pm

13 times every century the tiny planet Mercury crosses between us and the Sun. 

This Transit of Mercury is like a miniature eclipse, and the next one will happen on November 11, 2019.  But looking at the Sun is dangerous so don’t try this at home.  See it all at the Observatory!

We will have safe solar viewing telescopes set up to see Mercury cross in front of the Sun from beginning (7:35am) to ending (1:04pm).  Viewing only occurs if it is sunny, so watch the weather.  If it is sunny, come on over to see this rare and subtly beautiful astronomical event.

Cost:   $5 per person

No reservations required.  But if you miss this Transit of Mercury, it won’t happen again in the U.S. until 2049!

For more information, please call 513-321-5186.

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