"Turkey Tuesday" Thanksgiving Harvest Celebration

  • November 24, 2020
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 2700 Erie Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

Organization: Hyde Park Farmers' Market

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The Thanksgiving holiday tradition evolved from a harvest celebration. It is grounded in applauding the bounty of the regional food system.

This year, Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is again delivering amazing food to your table. Turkey Tuesday is a festive evening designed to enable patrons to benefit from our regional food community in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Patrons are encouraged to preorder for this farmers’ market to assure selection availability.
Please wear your mask and review our COVID-19 safety protocols before coming to the market.

Fresh. Tasty. Healthy.

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, HPFM vendors will offer fresh produce, meats, cheeses and prepared foods at a pop-up market on Hyde Park Square. Knock-out your weekend food shopping while supporting regional farmers and food artisans.

Here is what the Thanksgiving Harvest Celebration has to offer: 

    The Turkey

    Pick-up your preordered turkey. HPFM turkeys are pasture-raised by regional farmers with the highest of ethical standards, and are fed only non-GMO feed. Plus, you can’t surpass the taste of one of these birds! Pre-order from The Eaton Farm and Elmwood Stock Farm.

    The Eaton Farm

    The Eaton Farm

    Farmer: Produce, Meat and Eggs

    The Eaton Farm has been raising Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys since 2009. Learn more...

      Elmwood Stock Farm

      Elmwood Stock Farm

      Farmer: Produce, Meat and Eggs

      Elmwood Stock is a certified organic farm offering organic heritage and broad-breasted turkeys. Learn more...

        Fresh, Seasonal Produce

        Delicious seasonal produce is still readily available. Think of all the masterful dishes you can create: Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, cider, butternut squash, kale, festive leafy greens, and so much more.

        Here are the HPFM farmers who will be present: Backyard Orchards, Elmwood Stock FarmFarm Beach BethelPavel’s Garden, and The Eaton Farm. Preorder for guaranteed selection.

        Food Artisan Delights

        For those needing a little help with the big meal or weekend entertaining, HPFM’s food artisans are ready to assist. Pick up delicious seasonal side-dishes, artisan cheeses, locally-produced turkey stock, and fresh breads for stuffing or slicing to complement any weekend meal. Pre-order from HPFM food artisans: Allez Bakery, Blue Oven Bakery, Boone Creek Creamery, My Artisano CheeseRose & Mary Bakery, and Stock Up For Health.


        Finally, our food artisans are known around the region for their freshly baked pies and sweets! Let them help you give a sweet ending to a perfect Thanksgiving meal, or add a special treat to Friday morning’s breakfast. Pre-order from HPFM food artisans: Allez BakeryBaudry, Blue Oven Bakery, and Rose & Mary Bakery.

        Flowers, Holiday Arrangements and Holiday Decor

        Want to dress up your home for the upcoming holiday? Don’t forget to preorder your Thanksgiving centerpiece. And while you are at it, invite the whole season in by picking up your holiday decor on Turkey Tuesday. Hazelfield Farm is known for their unique fresh seasonal flowers, dried arrangements, and greenery. Preorder and let Hazelfield Farm help you transform your festivities.

        Turkey Tuesday will have it all. Buy for the whole weekend!

        Our Promise.

        It’s hard to replicate the peace of mind that comes from knowing where and how your food is grown—not to mention who is growing it.

        The Hyde Park Farmers’ Market strives to bring our patrons the best tasting, most healthy food in our region. Our growers strictly adhere to regenerative and humane practices. Produce is grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or GMO seed. Livestock and poultry are pasture raised (and finished) without antibiotics or growth hormones.

        The Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is a family-friendly, free event for the community that features local farmers and food artisans.

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