Winter Weekend Permaculture Design Certification

  • February 20, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Various Locations

Host: Cincinnati Permaculture Institute

Are you ready to take the deep dive into understanding how you can start living completely sustainable, in alignment with the earth and it's limitations and learning how to enhance it's productive capacity through natural ecological principles, creating a mutualistic future for generations to come? Then this Course is for you. It will teach you the full foundations of Permaculture Design & Philosophy along with all the how to's of everything from Forest Gardening to Aquaculture, Natural building to permanent passive irrigation. This course is the full 72 hours of course curriculum as developed by Bill Mollison to qualify as the Permaculture Design Certificate and will give you the design foundations to bring this knowledge into your life, helping you start living sustainably by next spring. This will be CPI's 14th Winter Weekend Course headed up by Doug Crouch of Treeyo Permaculture, who has taught countless PDC courses around the world. So come on and join the movement in building an equitable, mutualistic future for humanity, beginning at your back door. Early Bird Discount: $700 by 1/12, $750 by 1/31 & $800 after To Learn more or to Register please visit:

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