May 2021 Public Urban Stream Adventure with the Mill Creek Yacht Club

  • May 22, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Caldwell Playground Park (Adventure starts here) 316 W. North Bend Road Cincinnati, OH 45216

May 2021 Public Urban Stream Adventure with the Mill Creek Yacht Club

Organization: Mill Creek Alliance

Paddling with the expert guides of the Mill Creek Yacht Club (MCYC) is the best way to experience Mill Creek wonders while learning about our long-abused but surprisingly resurgent urban stream.  Join the Commodore and other MCYC veterans as we embark on the first public stream adventure of 2021 from Caldwell Playground Park in Carthage to Mitchell Avenue in Spring Grove Village. This section of the creek takes paddlers through several low head dams and rocky riffles in addition to both urban industry and nature.

The paddle will cover a distance of approximately 4.5 miles and we will spend at least 3 hours on the water, plus about an hour of combined time on the land before and after paddling. The end time of this event is approximate--please allow for extra time between this end time and other commitments.

Registration for the paddle is open now through noon on Friday, May 21, or until all available seats have been reserved. Remember to keep a lookout for additional opportunities to hit the water with us in the summer and fall.

See below for important safety information before registering*. ________________________________________________________________________

Our current MCA water quality monitoring program results indicate that the Mill Creek meets secondary recreational contact standards. (The secondary contact recreation classification describes aquatic activities when immersion is unlikely, such as boating, wading, and rowing.) Until we are able to achieve primary contact standards (under which swimming and full body immersion is considered safe), we recommend paddlers take care not to ingest or swim in the water and wash carefully after recreation activity.

In full disclosure, there are inherent risks involved in paddling local streams. Paddlers may need to climb out of the canoe to get past shallow spots and low-head dams.  You will need to be sure-footed in some places.  Potential safety hazards include sudden drop-offs, hidden holes, foot entrapments, slippery algae, submerged obstacles, jagged objects and sealed bottles with volatile ingredients.  Germicidal gel and a simple first-aid kit will be available.

* In 2012, Ohio EPA recommended no contact with waters of the Mill Creek because it can have high levels pathogens from time to time, especially within 48 to 72 hours of a rainstorm heavy enough to cause combined sewer overflows.  Many improvements have been made since 2012 but Ohio EPA has not yet lifted these recommendations.

It is your personal choice on whether to participate, based largely on the strength of your immune system and your willingness to take a calculated risk. If you have an open cut or weakened immunities, you should not go.  You should be 18 or older to be on the water with us or be paddling with a parent/guardian.

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