REBUILD Conference

  • October 07, 2021
  • 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sharonville Convention Center 11355 Chester Road Cincinnati, OH 45246

Organization: Co-hosted by Emersion Design


Date: Thursday, October 7, 2021

Time: 7:00am - 4:00pm

Sharonville Convention Center
11413 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45246

$85/person by 9/11/21

$110/person after 9/11/21

Registration: 2021 REBUILD Conference
Conference Website:


Join PEDCO and emersion DESIGN as we hear from Industry Leaders on advantages of high performance buildings and address what works when creating the business case for sustainability.

Receive 6 PDH/AIA LU/HSW Hours/GBCI Credits 

Keynote Speakers

Morning Keynote
Amy Costello

Sustainability Manager
Armstrong Flooring

Lunch Keynote

Eric Corey Freed
Senior VP of Sustainability

Afternoon Keynote 

Craig Stevenson 

Breakout Sessions

Details about all sessions can be found here.  

Session 1: 9:15am-10:15am

  • Breakout 1A (Innovation Track)
    • Skillful, Meter-free, Hourly Energy  Consumption Forecasting for Building and Campus Managers 
    • ​​​​Justin Delorit, Air Force Institute of Technology  
  • Breakout 1B (Operations & Maintenance Track)
    • The Six Sides of Building Enclosure Restoration – A Jacket of Protection
    • Marcy Tyler & John Breidnebach, Tremco, Inc.  
  • Breakout 1C (Net Positive Track)
    • Why Embodied Carbon Matters and What You Do About It
    • Daniel Overbey, Ball State University & Browning Day
  • Breakout 1D (Healthy Occupant Track)  
    • Mitigating SW Ohio’s Health Issues through the Built Environment
    • Yasha Ogg, emersion DESIGN; Dr. Lauren Bartoszek, PhD, Health Collaborative

Session 2: 10:45am-11:45am

  • Breakout 2A (Innovation Track)
    • Shining a Light on Ohio Utility Data - What we can learn from auditing an entire city's energy data?   
    • Oliver Kroner, City of Cincinnati
  • Breakout 2B (Operations & Maintenance Track)
    • The Six Sides of Building Enclosure Restoration – A Jacket of Protection
    • Bob Moretti & John Breidenbach, Tremco, Inc.    
  • Breakout 2C (Net Positive Track)
    • Reducing Your Building’s Carbon Emissions 
    • Juanita Garcia & Evan Caprile, Pepper Construction
  • Breakout 2D (Healthy Occupant Track)
    • Resilient Building Operation: Where Health, Energy, and Comfort Collide 
    • Bryan Schenck & Nathan Lammers, Waibel Energy Systems

Session 3: 1:45pm-2:45pm

  • Breakout 3A (Innovation Track)
    • Right to Win Cities Recovery Roadmap
    • Megan Haase, Kolar Experience Institute; Sean Balnes, Red Tiger Investments, LLC; David Rogers, FBT Project Finance Advisors, LLC     
  • Breakout 3B (Operations & Maintenance Track)
    • P&G’s Central Plant Optimization Program
    • Steve Winbigler, P&G; Steve Weyler, JLL; Chris Depenhart & David Eslinger, Siemens; Jerry Doerger, PEDCO E&A Services, Inc.
  • Breakout 3C (Net Positive Track)
    • Filling the Sustainability Gaps: Accelerating Solutions for a Net Positive Region
    • Antony Seppi, HCDC Director   
  • Breakout 3D (Healthy Occupant Track)
    • A Laboratory for WELL and Sustainable Learning
    • Tracy Steward & Jeff Millard, CMTA, Inc.

REBUILD, formerly the High-Performance Buildings Seminar, creates a dialogue that equips leaders to build sustainable value in their organizations. Divergent questions lead to innovation.

Much has occurred over these last 8 years. The industry's understanding of good design practices continues to grow. High performing buildings are retooled beyond just energy and lean approaches.

Thought leaders are reconnecting with each other.
Occupant health has reformed our design approach.
Material chemistry is reshaping our way of specifying and selecting.

As more organizations understand the true value of high performing buildings, they are reinvigorated and relooking at their standard business practices.

Districts are reborn with an eye toward a new future.
Cities are rethinking their standard practices.
Companies are reinventing their protocols.
Neighborhoods are being rehabilitated to continue to serve our communities.

In short, this region is rebuilding itself to become the premier, sustainable metro region in the nation with an exceptional quality of life - positioning us to lead into the 21st and a half century.

With this in mind, we have decided to rebrand what was previously known as the High Performance Buildings Seminar to REBUILD. Moving forward, this newly branded conference will be designed to help all of us to continue to:

REBUILD our thinking.
REBUILD our connections.
And REBUILD our region.

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