Calling all educators: The Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council wants to help educators who teach agriculture, nutrition, or anything food related to (A) connect with other teachers with similar interests and (B) be able to measure and communicate the value of their engaging approach to teaching. Our first step is understanding what teachers and educators are trying to accomplish through using F2S and school gardens, and how they are already measuring their outcomes.

We are asking for your help! If you (or someone you know) teach ANYTHING about food, nutrition, or agriculture, please fill out our survey.

The Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council is a cross sector collaboration of organizations and individuals, community influencers and decision makers, collaborating to drive impact in creating healthy, equitable, sustainable food systems for all in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Our Vision is that it will be easy for all residents in Greater Cincinnati to eat good food.

What is Good Food?

Good Food is food that is:

  • Healthy - It provides nourishment and enables people to thrive.
  • Green - It was produced in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.
  • Fair - No one along the production line was exploited during its creation.
  • Accessible - All people can obtain it.

Good food will not be wasted. Good food will result in healthier people. Producing good food will be economically viable and environmentally sustainable. Everyone in the region will be food secure.

Overarching Goals

  • Encourage healthy food access for all residents in the region.
  • Encourage regional‐based production of local foods and value‐added food products.
  • Promote flexible and stable local and regional food distribution systems.
  • Promote community development to support local foods and coalitions.
  • Advocate for food security for all residents in the region

Our Current Work

Farm to School (F2S) Regional Action Plan

  • Launching Feed our Future marketing and F2S procurement campaign
  • Hosting a regional educators workshop and networking sessions on F2S

Healthy Eating and Healthcare

  • Creating integrated system of nutrition education and food access programming in the region through amplifying community voice in governance of food access and education organizations
  • Partnering with the Cincinnati Health Department on Community Health Improvement Plan goals of increasing F2S purchasing, supporting more nutrition incentive redemption, and creating a neighborhood-scale healthy food access distribution network
  • Coordinating with Gen-H on supporting Accountable Health Care Communities

Consumer access to local foods

  • Partnering with farmers markets to create streamlined efficiencies and better access to markets and electronic benefits payments
  • Working with 2030 District and employers to create local food purchasing incentives

Institutional procurement

  • Advocating for broader adoption of values-based purchasing among institutions in the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Policy Wins

2019: Adoption of updated Urban Agriculture zoning ordinance by City of Cincinnati

2019: Adoption of Good Food Purchasing Policy by Cincinnati Public Schools Board


    2019: Integrating Healthy Eating and Healthcare Summit - brought together 65 stakeholders from the healthcare sector and food system to learn about current successes happening in the region and identify opportunities for future collaboration.

    2019: Food Waste Forum - brought together 125 stakeholders to learn from regional experts about current progress on addressing food waste in the region and to develop strategic priorities for moving forward on the 2017 Roadmap. Our 2019 State of Wasted Food Report captures the key learnings and next steps from the Forum.

    2016: Food Waste Forum - brought together 150 stakeholders around the region for facilitated discussions of the ReFED report to develop a roadmap for addressing food waste in the region.


    2020: Integrating Healthy Eating and Healthcare Report summarizing state of current healthy food access efforts in the Greater Cincinnati Region and recommending 11 high level priorities for collaboration to fill in existing gaps.

    2019: State of Local Food Report which updated the 2012 State of Local Food progress and contained recommendations for current priorities that need addressing in the region.

    2019: State of Wasted Food Report which updated the 2016 Food Waste Regional Action Plan and provided recommendations on more effectively address food waste in the region.

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