2020 Goal: Protect, enhance and celebrate all streams, rivers and other water resources by making a measurable improvement in 75% of them.

What is the Watershed Team?

We are a diverse group of professional and volunteer water enthusiasts who care deeply about the quality of our water resources.  We have several committees working on various projects and initiatives (see "Current Projects").  There are many ways to get involved!  Try coming to one of our team meetings, attending a clean-up or recreation event, or joining a water quality monitoring group.  If you would like more information, please e-mail one of our chairpersons listed below:

Emily Imhoff e-mail
Cincinnati Museum Center

Matt Wooten e-mail
Sanitation District 1 (SD1)

Click here for presentations and reports from member organizations and guest speakers

From the July meeting you will see: 

Dr. Michael Miller's presentation on water quality in the 4 major Ohio watersheds served by volunteer monitoring programs


MBI's report on the biology and water quality of the Mill Creek from their 2016 study completed for MSD

Join us for our next meeting! 

Friday, December 1st, 2017

9:00 - 11:00 am 

Hamilton County Environmental Services
250 William Howard Taft Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Conference Rooms A – C

   Image from our recent field trip to Sanitation District 1's Public Service Park, showcasing stormwater best management practices, green infrastructure, and watershed education features.

New and improved!    Cincinnati Green Infrastructure inventory map

Zoom in or out to view different parts of the region.  Each icon on the map is clickable to view details of the practice put into place. 

Help grow the inventory by using this form to add your own Green Infrastructure project!

Waterway Cleanup Events

Care! Help care for your local waterways by picking up refuse at one of these popular events!

Calendar of cleanup events in 2017

April 21 Annual Mill Creek Cleanup
Click here for more info

June 3 Little Miami River Kleen Up 
Click here for more info

June 17 Ohio River Sweep
Click here for more info

September 23 Upper Mill Creek Cleanup
Click here for more info

October 28     Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River
Click here for more info

What to expect at a cleanup event

Individual events may vary, but typically volunteers will first sign in and fill out a waiver.  If you are under 18, your parent/guardian will need to sign your waiver as well.  Volunteers are then are provided with trash bags to fill with litter.  Volunteers typically work in groups to gather as much litter as they can, mainly by walking on foot along the stream/river/lake.  Some cleanups may offer boat rides to those interested!  Safety is important and no one will be asked to do anything they are uncomfortable with around the water.  There may be beverages, snacks, lunch, or even t-shirts or other prizes provided.  To find out more about a specific event, please see the website listed above, and/or contact the event sponsor.

Recreation Events

Enjoy! Get out and have fun in your local streams, rivers, and lakes!

Calendar of major recreation events in 2017

July 14 Kids Outdoor Adventure Expo

August 5 16th Annual Ohio River Paddlefest 
Click here for more info

August 26 Mill Creek ReCreation Celebration
Click here for more info

Sept 23-24 Great Outdoor Weekend
Click here for more info

September 24 Great Ohio River Swim

Water Quality Monitoring Opportunities

Know! Learn more about water quality by helping measure it in local streams!

Organizations offering citizen WQ monitoring opportunities

Note: most groups have events throughout the year, so feel free to contact them at any time!

Butler County Stream Team
Click here for more info

Great Miami River Volunteer Water Quality Program
Rivers Unlimited
Click here for more info

Greenacres Saturday Stream Snapshot (Little Miami River watershed)
Greenacres Foundation
Click here for more info

Licking River Watershed Watch
Click here for more info

Mill Creek Water Quality Monitoring
Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities
Click here fore more info

How does water quality monitoring work?

Several local organizations rely on citizen scientists to take water quality measurements in local streams. Typically, each sample site is visited once a month, where some basic information about the stream will be recorded and a sample of water will be taken. Measurements of water quality parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH will be taken in the field, and samples may be returned to a lab for further testing. Volunteers may need to attend a training session, or simply show up on the day of the sampling. Programs vary by organization, see the links in the list to the left for more info! The season typically runs from early spring through late fall, with a concluding presentation or report being made in the winter to show the year's results.  Consider joining one of these groups to learn more about your local watershed!

Our Mission

The Water team brings together representatives from non-profits, businesses, educational institutions and governmental entities working to improve water quality and watershed management in our region.

Action Plan

The team is developing a "baseline" data base and mapping system of all the streams and watersheds in the region.

More Resources

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